Hello everyone!!   I had a great day at the library today.  I found many books that had to just come home with us.  Now I just want to curl up in bed for the whole week!

I was too tired to post my Library Loot here on my blog, but check out my other blog, Reading in White Bear Lake and see what came home from the library from me!


What did you find at the library this week????  Hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend!!

Happy Reading!

Library Loot: June 12, 2010

library loot
June 12, 2010
 Library Loot Event is a weekly event hosted by Eva at A Striped Armchair and Marg at Reading Adventures.  that encourages bloggers to share the books they have checked out from the library. I always find many new books to add to my reserve list!
I have not been making time to blog in the last few months.  I miss blogging so very much.   I thought  I would share my recent Library Loot to get started blogging again.   I started a second book club, Wine, Women and Words, which I have really been enjoying.  Being in two book clubs each month does limit my ability to read what I want.  Our outdoor living room is set up so I spent alot of time outside reading.  It has been raining alot this week so that has been limited. 
I also have been looking at the Kindle, now that it is for sale at Target.  I am thinking about taking the plunge and buying on in the near future.   I have to save up some money first. 


The following book found their way home with me from our local Library:
  I have been a on bit of a kick on reading local authors.  A few of these books were checked out because they either are set in Minnesota or written by Minnesota authors.
Choc Chip Chocolate Chip Cookie Murders – Joanne Fluke (born and raised in a small rural MN town) 
dressed to keel Dressed to Keel – Candy Calvert – A Darcy Cavanaugh Mystery
June bug June Bug – Jess Lourey  – Murder By Month Mystery, No 2.  (book set in Battle Lake, MN – author from Alexandria, MN)
whiskey heart  Whiskey Heart – Rachel L Coyne – (set in Comfort Lake, MN -Author from Lindstrom, MN)
funeral food Funeral Food – Kathleen Taylor – Tory Bauer Mystery – (set in Delphi, South Dakota – author from my hometown, Redfield, SD – went to school with the author’s children)
Happy Reading!!


Llibrary Loot: May 2, 2009

library loot

Hubby went to the library for me this week and I had alot of reserves in! It was like my birthday when he got home. I was excited. I need to make time this week to get some serious reading done. Josh, my oldest came over and set up my gazebo/outdoor living room. It is all ready for me to sit out there and read. The MN weather hasn’t been cooperating too much yet. today does look promising.

May 2nd, 2009

1. Novel About My Wife – Emily Perkins
2. Still Alice – Lisa Genova
3. The Ten Year Nap – Meg Wolitzer
4. Across A hundred Mountains – Reyna grande
5. Sarah’s Key – Tatiana DeRosnay
6. Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet – Jamie Ford
7. The Girl She Used To Be – David Cristofano

To see what other bloggers are reading, stop by the weekly Library Loot Event hosted by Eva at The Striped Armchair.

Happy Reading!!
Jen C