Mommy’s Respite Weekend: Day #2 and #3

Hello everyone and Tommy!!

Well I am behind in my updated to Tommy so I am combining two days into one posts! 

Day #2 – Saturday

I slept terrible my first night here!  The pillows are so uncomfortable.  I woke up numerous times and finally took some nyquil at some point in the night.  I woke up very late, after 10:00.   The black out curtains in this room sure keep it dark!  I decided on Saturday that I would just stay in my pj’s all day and read in my room.   Can you believe I have not turned on the TV since I got here??  Very peaceful, but if something major happens in the world, I will totally miss it.

I read my book once I woke up until hubby called.  Each Saturday we always pay bills and work out our budget for the week.  Would you believe we did this over the phone?  Dave Ramsey would be so proud of us!  It actually worked out very well. 


The sun came out and the view from my window was lovely!  After being in the room most of the day and finishing my book, I decided I should figure out my way to the DECC through the skyways.  So I took a little walk before supper.  So yes, I did actually have to shower and get dressed, but not until 4:00pm!  I found my way easy enough and returned to my room.  It is about a 15 minutes walk one way. 


For supper I ordered Pasta from a place called Sammy’s.  It was pretty good, but way too much food for me.  #3 strike against the Holiday Inn – no microwave in the room.  Normally when I buy a meal like this I will save the leftovers for the next day to save some money.  I have a fridge but no microwave and cold noodles are not very appealing.  YUCK!


The nighttime view from my window………..


My new best friend….this hotel does have a pillow program.  They have 4 different pillows you can request so I am going to hopefully sleep much better with his neck support pillow.

Day #3 – Sunday

I woke up early this morning after a good nights sleep!!  Though I did hear security once during the night knocking on a door near mine yelling, “Hotel Security, Open Up!”  I knew it wasn’t for me and went right back to sleep.  My new pillow is definitely my best friend!!!!

I was up and reading for a bit when I got an idea…..yep, that still happens once in a while.  I was looking up a word from my book and thought to myself, “I really should write these words down that I am always looking up so I would remember them!”   So I came up with the idea for a new weekly feature for my book blog called Beyond Words.    So I worked on setting up this feature until it was time to head to my first shift of volunteering at the conference. 

I volunteered at the registration desk at the conference for a little over an hour, then went to a symposium called “Disempowering Anxiety: Empowering  Adult-Child Relationships” given by Tina Feigal.  It was pretty good.  I actually have heard her speak before.  After that I was STRAVING!!   I decided to walk over to subway to grab some supper.  Once I had eaten, I was too tired to head back to the conference for the mental health plan that I wanted to attend.    So I returned to my room and have been there every since reading, writing book reviews and blogging.   Definitely some of my favorite things to do!

I need to go to bed soon as I have to be back early in the morning to the conference for my next volunteer session.  I have to work form 7:50 until 9:00 at the registration desk again.   That should be interesting…we all know what a great morning person I am.  ARGH!!

Love and miss you, Tommy and Daddy!

Mom/ Jen C


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