Mommy’s Annual Respite Weekend……

 It is the time of the year again.  I am in Duluth for work and as is tradition I leave some lovely pictures and things for Tommy to know Mommy is thinking of him each and every day.

Mommy’s Annual Respite Weekend:  Day #1 (Friday)

I spent the morning before heading out of town at Tommy’s school.  I finished up a project for the end of the year program.  I so enjoy my volunteer time at the school.  Our favorite friend from across the pond brought a wonderful cake in to celebrate the royal wedding with the children!  


Next, I ran home to pack for my trip and run a few errands.  One of my errands was to get some cash from the bank.  We all know Dave Ramsey wants me to use cash, even when I travel.   I happened to run into the most handsome man at the bank…….my husband.  It was so nice to be able to say good bye to him before leaving town. 

I took my time driving to Duluth, I was in no hurry!   I stopped first at Tanger Outlet Mall.  Ok, my favorite Liz store is gone, but I still love Famous Footwear outlet!   Did I decide to spend some of my cash there……of course!!

Two new pairs of black shoes…can you really ever have too many black pairs of shoes.  I really did need new boots!  My old pair can now go into the trash!  Two pairs of shoes for $45.00, plus I received a $10 off coupon for my next visit, which just might be on the way home.  I saw two more pairs I liked…but I needed some money to eat for the next 4 days!  We will see what I have left for cash on the way home.


My next stop of course was at  Kettle River Rest Area – the weather was so gorgeous I had to sit outside for a bit.  I hated to get into the van, but I was listening to a very good book on tape so I was motivated to return to the van!


Finally, I made my way into Duluth. I checked into my room at the Holiday Inn.


IMG_0180 IMG_0179

My room is on the 10th floor – here was my view the first night!  I moved the table in front of the window so I could enjoy the view. 


After getting checked in, I headed to the grocery store to find some food for breakfast. This hotel does not have a free contiental breakfast like the other places I always stay on the Canal. A big strike against this place!

I decided to order from room services for supper and had a lovely steak!    It was pretty good!


The rest of the evening I spent reading my book and listening to the little doggy next door yipping.  Strike #2 – this hotel allows pets!  I was tried and turned out the lights by 10:30!!

So that is how exciting my first day/night was……below is the trailer for the new Harry Potter movie Deathly Hallow – Part 2 coming out in July I think.  I thought you might like to see it since you have been devouring the books!  I am so glad you are enjoying reading the books.  Enjoy!


Mommy loves and misses you, Tommy!

See you Tuesday!


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