Family Update: January – April

 January 2011


This year winter hit Minnesota HARD!!  This was the result of the first blizzard of the year and there were numerous blizzards! 

December and January were crazy busy months for our family.  My husband’s mother was in the nursing home and not doing very well there.  We worked very hard between Christmas and New YEars Day to get my father in law moved from their apartment and into assisted living.  Once my FIL was all moved in and used to the new place we moved my MIL out of the nursing home and in with my FIL.  We were all so very grateful that have them back together, with an apporpriate amount of services to keep them safe. 


 I also celebrated my 40th birthday in Janaury.  The day passed with little notice and it feels fine to be 40!

Books Read in January:

  • Red Hook Road – Ayelet Waldman – 3.5/5
  • Henry’s Sisters – Cathy Lamb – 4/5

February– as far as I can remeber passed with little trouble.  We were very busy getting hubby’s parents situated in the assisted living.   They had a few medical problems, but overall we made it through the month! 

The environment at my office in February was very bittersweet. Many of my co-workers took advantage of the retirement packaged offered by our employer. We had overall over 100 retirements in the month of March. Argh. So we are very short staffed at the office and it is very stressful.

Retirement of a good friend, Sandra.

Books Read in February:

  •  In the Woods – Tana French – 3.5/5
  • Saving Max – Antoinette van Heugten – 4/5
  • Glass Castles – Jeanette Walls – 4/5

March – was a very exciting month for our family!  Josh asked Amy to marry him and she said “YES!”.    They will be getting married on July 21, 2012.   We are so very happy for them!!

Josh and Amy are engaged to be married!

Reading.. Tommy and Daddy have been reading many books – Here they are reading The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan. .

Books Read in March:

  • I Am Not A Serial Killer – Dan Wells – 4/5
  • Secrets of Eden – Chris Bohjalian – 3/5
  • Mothers & Other Liars – Amy Bourret – 3.5/5
  • Days of Grace – Catherine Hall – 4/5
  • Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand – Helen Simonson – 4/5
  • Men and Dogs – Katie Crouch – 4/5

April  –

MCS  Gala  is an annual fundraiser for Tommy’s school.  This year we were very blessed to be able to share the evening with good friends.  The picture below includes us all: My son and his fiance (Josh and Amy) , hubby and I, hubby’s sister and her hubby (Bonnie and Danny) and good family friends (Linda and Paul) 



 qweb   wweb

Bonnie and Dan                                                            Josh and Amy

204926_563483224881_194003207_31917459_3270438_o  201774_563483409511_194003207_31917463_5523348_o


Linda and Paul

192762_563483319691_194003207_31917461_2849665_o   zweb

Hubby and I  

The big winners of the Night:  Paul and Linda/ Bonnie and Danny won 4 tickets to a Twins game with seats in the Legends Club.

Josh and Amy won the raffle for the Wall of Wine!  They won everything you see here – which was about 24 bottles of wine and related items!


On a sad note, we said farewell to a loved pet, Robbie.  He was 16 years old…

IMG_0167 IMG_0168

Family time watching movies – Tommy discovered Harry Potter and we watched the movies with him.  All of them!  He is now very busy reading the books! 


Dying Easter Eggs – 2011

 After Easter, I was off to Duluth for Mommy’s Annual retreat weekend. I stayed in Duluth for 4 nights relaxing and attending a conference for work.  

Books Read in April:

Whew….if you made it to the end of the picture intensive post, my dear reader, I am very impressed! I hope this is the last post like this. I have been struggling to carve out time each week for myself and to blog. I hope to be able to post a weekly update on a regular basis.  That is the goal anyway!!

Thanks for stopping by and hpe to catch up with you all!!

Be Well……….

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  1. It’s nice to see you update! I love all the pics so don’t apologize for the long post!

    Everyone looks happy and content. Congratulations on the engagement of your son. Special times.

    So sad abut kitty, he was very pretty.

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