Getting on track in the new year…..

It is hard to believe that 2010 is nearly over.   I think the years go by faster and faster as I get older.   Which comes to my next thought… we leave 2010 behind, I will also be leaving my 30’s behind.  I am not sure how I feel about turning 40.  Somedays….it really doesn’t seem possible that I could be that old.  I certainly don’t feel 40, but then again what does 40 feel like?  


As many of you may have heard about, hubby and I started and completed Financial Peace University at our church.  We sort of took the class on a whim, but found it to be very needed.  It is wonderful to be on the same page financially with my hubby.  We are working hard to make progress, though we did slack off a bit in December with the holidays.  Now it is time to get intense again!  I am excited to see the progress me make in 2011.   If you have not heard of this class…..check out Dave Ramsey’s website or radio show.  I am sure my family is tired of hearing on Dave Ramsey!   Either way we have once again celebrated Christmas without putting anything on a credit card.  With that said, we have not used a Credit Card in over 6 months.  

But I will say we were over budget with Christmas so it is a little tight still so shopping today was interesting.  I had to add some of my fun money to the mix to complete our errands.   But we do have groceries for the next two weeks.   So that is good!


grocery Groceries

Aldi – 130.02

Sam’s – 38.64

Walmart – 15.00

Total – 183.66 (16 days of menu)  – $11.47/day or $80.35 per week.  

Household Items/ Clothes (2 pants Tommy)

Walmart – $40.75

Luckily, I was already use to meal planning as we have been able to keep our food budget under $100 a week.  This is very good skill to have.  We are excited for the journey we are on financially so I am sure you will be hearing more about it. 

Happy Savings!!

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