Declutter Challenge…………

I have been decluttering a bit around the house as you know.   I was surfing around a bit today and stumbled across a new blog called “Saving with the Modest Momma“.   She just started a Declutter Challenge!  I thought it looked like fun and I would give it a whirl.   Care to join me?????

Today I chose to declutter my dresser in my bedroom.  I know if I could always follow the rule of putting things where they belong, I would not have the projects to always do.  But I am just to LAZY Busy to do that!!  Anyways, what would I blog about then????

Ready for a little Photo Show and Tell???





  Yes, it looks like a dumping ground.  I have no one to blame but myself.  So I guess I am the one to clean it up.   My bedroom always seems to be the dumping ground for many things.   It is one of the only locking rooms in our house.  So if anything needs to be kept away from a child in the house, it goes in our room.  ARGH!!   Gotta change that!





When I declutter I like to take everything off and sort it.   A pile of things that should go to the bathroom, garbage, etc.  Then I only put back what really should be on the dresser. 





A few of the things that should not have been on my dresser.   The top of the picture:  A number of doggy poo pick up bags, sewing supplies, pens, sunblock, medication and painting supplies.  

These items have all found there way back to their proper places. 







Total Time Spent:  About 30 minutes. 



A Missing Hand of an action figure. 

Join me in decluttering our homes now that the children are back in school.   Just put a link to your Declutter Challenge in the comments.   I look forward to seeing what we all accomplish!  Make sure you share the weirdest thing you found in the wrong place!

Jen C

3 thoughts on “Declutter Challenge…………

  1. I don’t even own “doggy poo pick up bags”!!!

    But . . . if I DID . . . *I’D* keep them on *MY* dresser!!!!


    I’m laughing only because my dresser so frequently ends up in the same condition. Lack of discipline, I suppose!

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