I am starting to feel a bit more ready for school to start.   I am a very visual person so I have to organize visually.   Two things that have worked very well for me are to use the side of our fridge as calendar central and the living room closet door as our Tommy’s reminders!! 





 This was the closet door over the summer.   We used it as a gallery of all Tommy’s projects from Busy Bee’s.   Once we have had his art displayed for a while and have taken a picture, he is ok with me throwing it away.    Really….I can’t keep everything!




This is the closet door ready for the first day of school.   We are still featuring two wonderful summer projects.    Also on the door is the school calendar for September. 

I started putting things on this door last year half way through the year and it really helped.   Last year I put up Tommy’s weekly memory verse on the door and we would stop and recite it everytime we went by.  That worked really well when I remembered to tape up the verse. 

This year I made a copy of the classroom calendar.  It lists the bible verse for every week of the month as well as the days he has chapel, library and phy Ed.   I have to admit last year I forgot to send his offering for chapel with him many weeks. 

Now each morning Tommy and I will look at the calendar before leaving the house and make sure we have everything he needs!!  We also recite his weekly bible verse when we go down the hall to the bathroom or our bedrooms.   Now that I see it, it is a constant reminder to practice his verse with him.  


The last very important place for information in our house is the side of the fridge.    Everyone in the family knows to look here to see what is going on.  Erik always likes to know what is going on so he frequently is looking at the calendar or reading the menu.   

I don’t have a place for a real launch pad for our day, but this sure helps keep us organized.    I buy the same calendar each year.  I love it!!   It has big squares to write in.   You can buy is at  I have been buying this calendar for at least the last 5 years.  

The pink laminated sheet on the upper left side of the fridge is important/frequently called numbers.   It has all the contact numbers for my hubby and I so Erik can always find the number he needs.   There are also a couple of magnets with numbers we frequently need above the pink sheet.  

We have a magnetic pen/pencil cup on the side of the fridge so you can always find a pen when you need to jot down a note, etc.   In between the pink sheet and calendar is the print out of our weekly menu.  I have been thinking of putting it on a magnetic white board, but paper seems to work the best.  I love the magnetic clips to hang papers from my fridge.   I always get a bunch of them when I go to conferences.   I usually have three weeks of menus clipped together on the fridge at a time.  As my mom found out when I came to stay with her, I really need to have a menu to feel less anxious.   I made her make on for the time I was there.  

Lastly we have magentic key hooks.  This is a MUST!!!   I also hang my work ID on there everyday when I get home from work.   I never (hardly) ever forget it anymore.  I grab my car keys and put my ID on and head to work.   

**Note to self:   Clean off the top of the fridge!!  It looks very messy.  I am pretty short so I hardly ever see up there.  Well until I take a picture from standing on the bench that is!!***

I hope this gave you some ideas on how to help yourself to become more organized this year!!!    It is always a challenge, but one I am always working on. 

This is what Works for Me!!!

Jen C

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