Good-Bye Convention…..

I have to say I am so happy that the Republican convention is coming to an end.   I live and work in the St Paul area.   I have to drive from our home north of St Paul to my office in West St Paul each day.   I have to go through/around the downtown St Paul area to get to work.   Needless to say it has been interesting.  

This evening I was coming home later in the afternoon and was traveling along 94 coming back into town from being at Willmar.   As I am coming into the cities every overpass that goes over 94 was closed off by squad cars.  Strange…I think, but there have been a HUGE increase in police and secret service coverage.   I go under three over passes and on the 4th, there is a person dressed in full black garb resembling a (Burqa) of sorts.   The person is climbing the fence on the overpass and pacing and carrying on.   I say a little pray and drive under hoping nothing will be dropped on my vehicle or God forbid the person jump.   The next overpass is filled with police officers.

I am now getting closer to downtown St Paul (thinking why didn’t I take 694 around the North to get home!!).   I am driving along and my heart is back to beating normal.  WHEW….I am in fairly heavy traffic and all of a sudden all the cars in front, behind and beside me ALL turn on their flashing lights.   I am in the midst of about 6 to 7 unmarked vehicles.   My heart is racing again….they all raced by me and my took a deep breath.  

Yep, I am ready for everyone to go home.  This little social worker still needs to be out driving in the area serving the people she works for.  

Of course I get home and hubby tells me about the big protest that was going on by the capital and that the police were trying to hold the protestor back from crossing 94.  OH, I guess my timing was great I think I was driving right under all the action!   No wonder……………………………..

Good Night Everyone……

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