1st Day of School…..

 I love the first day of school.   I always take the day off so I can be at home when my children get home.  I usually bake cookies for them to have for snack upon returning from school.   Today will be no different.  I am going to finish cleaning Tommy’s room and bake cookies for the boys.   I have first day of school pictures of Tommy, but not Erik.    Hubby was up with Erik.  I will make a point to get up early tomorrow and get a picture of Erik and we will pretend it was the first day of school.

Tommy was up early and ready for school.   He always has a hot breakfast.  He is my one child who will not eat cold cereal.  I made him an omelet and toast for breakfast.  


First Day of School
1st Grade – 2008


Nice look, Tommy!!  The teacher put him in the back of the classroom.  What is she thinking!!!

WOW…now I have the entire house to myself until Erik gets home at 2:14!!   I am going to enjoy the quiet! 

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