Having the profession I do I see many things about society that others don’t.  Sometimes I get a very good view of the underbelly of society.  When others say, that doesn’t happen around here, I know very differently.


Does it taint me??  Does it make me more protective of my children?  Well I certainly know what happens to children in the area we live.  I also know what happens to children with poor social skills and low cognitive functioning, who are desperate for friends.  They are the ideal prey and the perpetrators are on the look out for them.  And remember that in addition to your child being at risk, your child could put your entire family at risk.  Children with lower cognitive functioning don’t understand the importance of not sharing addresses and identifying information on the Internet and with others.  They think anyone that is nice to them, must be a friend.  Remember you can’t be with your child every second of the day so make your views and concerns about myspace/Internet known to your child and pray that your child listens to you. 


Why is this so much on my mind today??  Another incident happened this weekend with a child at my work because of  In addition to this child being at risk, her entire family and younger siblings were in danger due to a stranger met on myspace being let into the house while the parents were sleeping.  As the policeman said, it could have been worse.  Luckily, this child is still alive but was seriously abused.  The police officer had many warnings about and how no minor should ever be on there disabled or not.  I can’t tell you how many children I know personally that have had bad things happen to them by people met on 


So does it taint me or does it make me wiser than most about the subject??  I don’t know.  I do know I do not want my minor children on myspace or facebook.  And especially I think it is a bad idea to have my child with disabilities who is desperate for friends on those type of sites.  Especially considering his poor judgment.   I could never forgive myself if something like what happened this weekend would happen to my child.  I could not live with the knowledge that I didn’t protect him.  That is my job as a parent to protect my children. 


I was just sick to my stomach as the details of this most recent incident were relayed to me.  My child would have made the same choices, I know for a fact.  He or my entire family might not have been as lucky.  



A recent article on states the following: 

“Earlier last year something like 29-thousand registered sex offenders were on MySpace,” Minnesota’s Attorney General Lori Swanson said Monday.

Last July, Swanson subpoenaed MySpace demanding to know how many of those sex offenders were in Minnesota.

“We found out over 40 Minnesota sex offenders had taken out these profiles,” Swanson said.

“This is great to see MySpace stepping up to the plate and doing something about this serious problem,” Dakota County Attorney Jim Backstrom says.

Backstrom says he’s seen too much of MySpace over the last several years.

He said he’s charged a few men who have used the website to solicit children for sex.

“It’s extremely scary to see how quick it is. This is their new tool to access victims and they are doing it quickly and efficiently and we have to work together to put a stop to it,” Backstrom says.


All I have to say to parents is simply this.  Would you knowingly put your child in a room with even one know sex offender???  If not, why in the world would you let them be online with 29,000 registered sex offenders.  And don’t forget those numbers are only for registered offenders.  Think about how many other offenders that were found not guilty or have not been caught are also there, looking for their next victim. 


I will not put my children in that room, please don’t put your child there.  The best prevention is to not allow your minor children on websites such as myspace and facebook.  




April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month – Our children are our greatest hope for the future.  Make a commitment today to the safety and security of our children, families and communities. 


As you might be able to tell this is a subject very close to my heart.  I want to educate everyone to prevent child abuse and protect all the children, including mine.  Make good choices not popular choices to protect your children.  Think of their safety first.


(Stepping off my soapbox with a very heavy heart.  Thanks for listening!!  God Bless)

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  1. A VERY good post!!! I hope TONS of people read this!

    The situation makes me sad as well, but it does not surprise me in the least….the internet can be a very dangerous place, especially for the young, and naive. 🙁

    I too agree that NO child should be allowed on myspace or other social network sites, it is a recipe for disaster.

    God bless,

  2. Wow, I never really thought it was that bad! I recently got so upset with my brother (he’s 16) for posting his cell phone number on his myspace page. He immediately took it off, but I honestly think some kids just don’t know what can happen. My brother’s very smart, straight A student on A Honor Roll and he was dumb enough to do that! He kept saying nothing would happen to him… teenagers always think they’re invincible!

    There was even an investigative reporter in our area that looked up kid’s profiles on myspace and managed to go to that kid’s house and told parents that the way she got there was because of their kid’s myspace page! Parents were shocked, of course!

    I think it’s okay for a minor to have a myspace page, as long as the parent was in CONSTANT supervision of the communication going on there. If that’s not possible, then a kid shouldn’t be on there.

    Thanks for this post! It really made me realize how bad something such as myspace can really get… <3

  3. Education is key. I appreciate this post very much. I have copied it and and emailed it to friends with kids and also our Pastor and the principal at our school. Thanks for sharing and caring!

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