Prayer Request….

I would like to ask for you to pray for my great nephew, Harley.  He came to the cities for a special surgery to have the bones of his skull un-fused.   He has returned to North Dakota and was put right back into the hospital.  He continues to be very sick.  He had a port put in for feeding again.  Hopefully he will begin to improve. 

Harley was born with many complications in April of 2007.  He is the son of my nephew, Jesse.  Harley’s parents are very young and certainly have their hands full.   Harley was born with a harelip, Cleft Palate and only one kidney to mention a few of his complications.   I was able to see him when he was here…he is a sweetest baby.  

Please pray that God will guide the Dr’s to help this little guy.  He has already been through so much. 

You may meet my great-nephew on his caring bridge site

**UPDATE: Sorry didn’t realize the link to Harley’s caring Bridge Site was not working….should be now!

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