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I didn’t go out much this afternoon except to take Tommy  to the Dr.   This evening I went to the information night/ Open House for the school that Tommy’s attends.   I love my son’s school and I can’t be thankful enough for being led to enroll him there or to have a hubby who values education and faith enough to make the sacrifice for private school.   He is going into the 1st grade.   As of tonight, the first grade is full.  20 students are enrolled and 19 of those students are coming from Kindergarten.  I am so happy see so many families are continuing their child in the christian school.  Previously many families would have their children then for the Full-Day Kindergarten and then move into Public School. 

We are so blessed to chose this option for our son.  The foundation and the work that God is working in his young man is amazing.  I love listening to him tell me about his day, etc.  He will talk about the girl in Guatemala that the school sponsors.  He tells me about the different missions he is doing.  This month they are collecting mittens.  He is learning one valuable lesson that there is more to the world than just himself and to care for others.  

I can’t speak enough about the community of the school and the families.  It is still a bit hard for me to socialize too much.  It has always been hard for me to just chit chat with people….I am a bit self conscious I guess.  I want to be friendly and inviting, but it is so painful.   But I did make a point to have a few conversations.  I will always volunteer to work.  I am good at that…I feel comfortable cooking or flipping pancakes.  That is my gift….

Off to read Tommy a story and snuggle until he falls asleep.  Stay Warm!!  Good Night!

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