Saturday in Duluth…….

Today was beautiful.  I have never been up here for this conference and had good weather.  I decided against working my room today and went out and enjoyed the day!   I did some shopping.  I bought some gifts for the boys and bought some things for myself.  BTW – I hate shopping, but it was nice out at least.  I need new shirts for work.  My capris from last year looked good enough to make it another year.   Some are a size too big, but I will wear a belt.   I had to buy some new sandals.  The puppy got a few of my pairs last year.   So I bought two casual and one for work.  I went to DSW shoe warehouse.  My fav!!  Now I do like to shop for shoes!!  I also bought a really cute Tommy Hillfiger purse.  (ooops that was a splurge!).  

I shopped only for a few hours.  I was going to go look for my tops for work, but I couldn’t pass up this beautiful day in the mall.  So I came back down to Canal Park and walked around a bit.  Then I took my book and sat on the boardwalk and read and watched the Seagulls.  It was so nice!!   I had to even come back to the hotel and get a short sleeve shirt.  I was hot!   Once big ship came in before it got too cold to sit by the water.  I was called the American Century it was from Wilimington Delaware.  


That is one big Ship!!!  It was cool to see!

Then I went to eat at Red Lobster….YUMMMY!!!!   Now it is 7:00 and I in the room for the night and plan on finishing up my book this evening so I can start a third one!   YEAH!!   I haven’t turned the TV on yet.  I should turn it on this evening to see what the weather will be like tomorrow.  Well I am off to read, have a great night!  

I wish I would of took my camera with me to the boardwalk…..maybe tomorrow if it is nice again.   The view out my window isn’t very great either….pictures tomorrow……

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