Relaxing weekend….

Hello everyone –   I think you might actually see some post from me during the next few days.  I am up in Duluth for a conference that starts on Sunday evening.   I came up today to shop and relax a bit over the weekend.  I got to the hotel at about 4:00 and got all checked in.   I went and had supper at Timber Lodge Steak House and read for a bit.  I have finished one book already and starting on the next.  I hope to get that one done as well.  You can tell what I have planned.   One of my friends is here already too.   I was up in her room for a while because she was trying to VPN into work and couldn’t.  After over an hour we finally got it working.  ARGH!!   So she is busy working.  I plan on working some tomorrow to get caught up on some work, but tonight I am just reading and relaxing.  

Hope you are all having a wonderful day!  Enjoy your weekend!!!


Heart Shaped Box by Joe Hill – 4/5


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