So you might be looking at the time this was posted and think,  “WOW, Jen did great on getting up early today”.  Well, that is not the case.  I haven’t been to sleep yet.  I went back on prednisone for this dumb cough/cold that has been messing with my asthma.  A side effect of the med……insomnia!   So I am up, but I think I will lay on the couch and read to see if I get sleepy. It could be a very long day.  YIKES!!   I did get up and made a long list of all the to do things running through my head.  Later!!

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  1. Hi there .. wanted to come by and say thanks for the sub!  I have been put on some new medication that gives me insomnia… it’s pretty bad when there is so much to do during the day and your so tired from lack of sleep … just draggin’!

    Love your blog here… I see you have been a member of Xanga since 2001?  Wow, I salute you!  That’s incredible… and you’re still blogging?  Awesome! 

    Hope to get to know you better.. come by anytime!  Tomorrow we have War of Weight at my blog and give tips and information on weight loss .. I would love to get your input!

    God Bless, Connie

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