OUR MENU THIS WEEK:  1/28 – 2/4

28th – BRUNCH:  Country Gravy & Biscuits/ Crustless Quiche
          SUPPER:  Cheesy Pots and Ham – My New Fix and Foget – pg 146  **Ok, Not Great**

29th – Swiss Chicken/Rolls/Salad


31st – Hamburger Helper/Peas

1st –  Baked Penne Pasta/ Green Beans/Italian Bread 

2nd (Fam. Movie Night) – Frozen Pizza and Salad

3rd  – French Fry Casserole

4th     BRUNCH: Ham and Mozzarella Brunch Bake
          SUPPER:  White Chicken Chili/ Cornbread

I am glad so many of you liked the Menus4Moms website.  You will have to let me know which recipes your family likes.   I don’t follow their menus exclusively, but do a few things a week from there. 


My dining room is he dump all for everything.  We rarely eat in there and eat at the kitchen table unless we have company.  One end of the table is my laptop and the other is where I fold clothes.   I bought a new filing cabinet on Friday to put in my dining room.  Hopefully this will give me a place to all the paperwork that comes into this house each week.    I had to clean out the corner where the cabinet was going and I ended up piling all that junk on the table.  YIKES!!  What a mess!!!   I have been so inspired by CoolMomofeight.  She has been posting before and after pictures as she has been decluttering her home. 

Mom's 002

I didn’t get to clean out the entire shelf, but the one shelf that
I had my binders and papers needed organizing!!

Mom's 001

Yep, that is my table. Doesn’t look like we will be eating there this weekend!

Mom's 003

This is the cherrywood file cabinet that Josh put together for me.  It is
right next to where I have my laptop.  This is my little office area to organize
our lives and home. 

Mom's 006

I put alot of things in binders.  I have a binder for each child to keep
their things in.  Erik has numerous binders!  I have one to keep my
in-laws paperwork.  I have one to keep my personal things, booklists,
patterns, etc.  I have a home management binder and a recipe binder
as well.  I really find that binders work well for me to keep me organized. 
I do a similiar thing at work as well. 
Mom's 007

This is my landing spot of daily paperwork.  I have my notebook
and other daily things here.  I plug my cell phone here so I remeber
to grab it each morning. 

Mom's 005
WOW!!  There is my table.  I will have to take a picture in a few
days to see how I have done on keeping it this wasy.  I plan on
cleaning it each night before goign to bed.  We will see how that goes. 
I feel like things have a place in that area now, so I will be able to
put them away. 

Right now the table does have one load of clothes on it.  I will put
those away before I head to bed.


MONDAY – Tom to preschool.  Working 9:30 to 5

TUESDAY – Working Late  9 to 7:30

WEDNESDAY – Bible Study – Working 9:30 to 5

THURSDAY – Working 9:00 to 5:00

FRIDAY – Family Movie Night – Working 9:00 to 5:00

SATURDAY – Hubby and I are going to a play at the local playhouse.  The Criminal Mind.

I am so happy it really is a easy week coming up this week.  The house is in pretty good shape and I am not terribly far behind in laundry.   That is the best way for me to start my week.  I hope to start getting up earlier again so I can get a load or two of laundry done before I go to work.   We will see how tomorrow goes. 

Hope everyone has a great week!!   I will try to stop by and visit! 


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  1. Hi Jen!  I subscribe to coolmomofeight, and as you know, she’s been quite inspiring of late!  I read your comment and wanted to stop by and see the pictures of your decluttering project…a great job!  I’ve been a diehard pack rat (taking after my precious momma), and it does tend to slow you down, quenches creativity, and just gives you an overall depressing feeling!  After reading cmof8’s site on this subject, and seeing the total transformation of her home, and heart, I’ve been energized!!  I, too hold on to “things” a bit too tightly, and it is now time for a total purging!!  Our bedroom looks quite similar to her pictures…piles of clothing, etc., and I’m anxious to declutter, and feel free again!  Only trouble is, I have 4 rooms, a basement, to purge, oh, and a garage> (which I’ll leave to my hubby to do!!)  You keep up your good work, and I’ll get bold enough to post my pictures, but if they help anyone at all, as hers, and yours, have done…..> well, posted they’ll go!! 
    You have a wonderful evening!
    ~ Deborah  <><

  2. I have to admit that I’ve kind of given up on big decluttering projects other than once or twice a year when I can get all the kids out of the house and deep clean every inch! Looks like you did an awesome job of cleaning!

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