SUNDAY – We got everyone up early and tried to be out the door by 9:00.   It didn’t happen of course since hubby has to double check and double check things.  

We made it to the airport with no problems and already had our boarding passes printed out.  We quickly went through check in and security with no incidents.  That is pretty good for us!!

We had a while to wait so we found some seats and people watched.   I wasn’t feeling very well yet.   It was getting close to the time when I thought we should be boarding???  Hmm…we ask the guy and he tells us that they changed the gate of the plane since last night when we printed the boarding passes.    ARGH!!   We race to the next gate and they are starting to load….so we get on right away! 

This was Tommy’s first time flying and he did really well.   He sat by the window and fought with Daddy about having the window open or not.  Off to Chicago we head…………………..


We already knew we would have a lay-over in Chicago-MIdway, but it was delayed by another hour as well.  So we had a picnic.  Tommy loves to have picnics!

Tommy’s First Plane Ride……..

We made it into Orlando airport after 7:00 and found our luggage without incident.  Hubby was very worried that our luggage would get lost.  Then we found the shuttle to Enterprise and headed off to rent a van!   We made it!   It was dark by the time we had the van rented and stuff so we headed off in the dark to find our resort.  Not exactly how you want to do it……but we got pretty good directions from the guy at Enterprise. 

WE MADE IT!!!   We got to the resort a bit before 9:00 and got all checked it.   We dropped our bags at the condo and made a mad dash for the grocery store as it closed at 10:00 to get some food for the next day!   plus we were starving!!  We made it to our condo and were very happy to meet our bed after we ate!  

That was the end of our first day of vacation, a full day of traveling and a tired group of people!

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