Good Night………..

I actually left work pretty early tonight.  I was out of there by 5:30!   On the way home from work I quickly stopped and picked up groceries.   I made it home about 7:00.   I quickly picked up Erik and we went to Kohls and bought him a new pair of shoes that he desperately needed.   I bought myself a new pair of summer Keds as well.  

Erik is now working on homework and my SIL just left a bit ago.  I am going to get Tommy ready for bed and go to sleep!    Tomorrow I have to be up early as I have to appear in court by 9:00.   My SIL is going to pick up Tommy and take him to daycare for me so I can make it to court in Hastings in time.  I can’t leave the house until Erik is on the school bus so it is difficult to make it anywhere by 9:00.  

Good Night All!  I leave you with a picture that Tommy drew.  He misses his Palm Tree and sun at his “New House”.     The boy sure loves Florida.

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  1. Glad to hear that Eric did so well on vacation, that is wonderful! I hope he continues to do well. Also, it is stressful to hear you’ve had to deal with even more prednisone, but it is wonderful that you have been able to maintain your weight while on it AND on vacation! Very impressive! Hope they rule out kidney stones, those are evil from what I hear. Take care!

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