Another Busy Week in our Home……..



  • Tommy to preschool
  • Call Glass Co about windsheild
  • Appoint w/ Pulmonologist
  • Put $ in lunch accounts for Erik and Josh
  • Make Menu and Shopping List


  • Working in AM at Office for Mtg
  • Groceries on the way home
  • CHurch in Evening
  • Make Ice Cream Dessert and Dip for Book Group on Thurs
  • Clean Air Filters


  • HOME – Might work a couple of hours from home if I have time
  • Tommy to PReschool
  • Make the rest of the food for Book Group
  • Erik’s IEP Meeting
  • Hubby taking boys out for supper
  • Book Group at my house – I love my book Group!


  • Working all day
  • Family Winter Fest at Church from 6 to 8:00

Then comes the weekend!!!   Nothing planned so far for the weekend.  

I just bought Shrine Circus tickets for Hubby and I to take Tommy to the circus.  Should be fun!  We went last year too.

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