Vacation Is Over……

Back to work today.   It was so nice to have a long weekend.  We just really relaxed a lot and I finished reading my book for book group.  YEAH!!   I ripped one book on tape to MP3 player….more to do!   

Yesterday was nice and I was lazy!   I put supper in the crockpot in the morning and didn’t do much the rest of the day.   Our current insurance agent came over and brought a new quote for our insurance.   Our current insurance company wants $4000.00 to cover Josh for one year!   That is insane!  So we were looking for a new company.   We went over to a new agent and he found us a better deal, so we switched agents.  I did have to take Josh down to liability and comprehensive coverage only.  The collision coverage for him was WAY too expensive.   I will have to pay out of pocket to repair Josh’s car if something happens.  Even the cheapest company we found wanted $1000.00 more a year to have collision insurance for Josh.    I am very glad to get that handled.  The bummer part is this new insurance company will only let you pay for 6 months premium at a time, but the great part is if you pay that in full they took 264.00 off our bill!   That is a good savings!  So luckily our state tax return came in and we could use that to pay 6 months of the car insurance.   We are still working on switching our house insurance over to a new company as well. 

I also went to the Chiropractor yesterday.   I feel a bit better and my headache seems to be better.  Hubby and I sat down and earmarked our tax return.  We had enough to set aside money for monthly emergencies, car insurance, Mission Trip final payment, Christmas Money, City of WBL Bill and Graduation Party.   I really have no idea how much to set aside for the graduation party!   I am thinking I will just plan and buy like the block party since we will probably have about 100 people like the block party.   The chairs, tables and canopies cost about 300.00 by themselves.   It should be a fabulous time!!   I am so proud of my boy!  Then a few more years and we will be doing this for Erik.  At least I will really know what I am doing with his! 

Last night Erik came home from his Mom’s.   Josh was home after work and wanted to complete his tax returns.   This year he was doing his own so I had him do them with me there to answer questions and help.  He did fine and they will be ready to mail today.  He will get over 200.00 back.  He is excited about that.  He also will only have to pay $80.00 a month for his new insurance.  I pay a small portion of it for him each month as well. 

TODAY – Tommy has preschool and I have an appointment with my pulmunologist this morning as well.    I hope she will be able to decrease my predisone dosage again.  I have alot to get done this morning before going to my Dr appointment.  I better get going.  Have a great day!


Millions Little Pieces – James Fry – 4/5

This is a pretty good book.  One of my friends was offended by all the swearing, but not a problem for me.   There a couple of parts I wasn’t sure would really happen.  There is a point where he has some major dental work done and has to have it done without any novacaine due to being in drug treatment.   I just think that is cruel and unusual treatment and not sure that would really happen.  The book bogged down a bit in the middle, not sure that was the book or me….never know!    Overall it was pretty good and an interesting look into a type of lifestyle I know nothing of.   Do I care if it is not really a true story…..nope, a story is a story. 

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  1. I’ve actually heard that it’s a difficult book to read because the writing is so terrible.  Guess it must not be that bad!

    I’ve had dental work without anesthetic.  It wasn’t bad…until the dentist hit a nerve.  Yow!

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