I am starting to think my exhaustion is due to getting sick.  I woke up this morning with a terrible headache, sore throat and just feeling icky!   I went back to bed.   I could go to sleep for another few hours I think!    But I really have to get some things done around here.   

Tommy read his first two books of the BOB series.  He was so excited and when Josh got up he had to show Josh how he could read.  We have another series we used to teach Erik to read when he was in Kindergarten.  We will probably start that one with Tommy after we complete the BOB series.  It is incredible how easily Tommy picked up sounding out words with the BOB books.  Granted these books don’t have alot of different words, but they each build on the next and really are great!  


Shower/dress – DONE
Laundry – 4 loads and all bedding
Make Sloppy Joes in Crockpot – DONE
Make Lambs for Church – DONE
Iron Clothes for Week
Fill Med boxes – DONE
Rip more books for MP3 Player

I will be reading and relaxing the rest of the day and probably taking a few naps to feel better!

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