Time to call it a night…..we seem to all be pretty tired around here, except Tommy of course.  Should be interesting getting him to bed tonight. 

After Tommy got up from his nap, we made playdough right away.  He couldn’t wait.   Then we took out the BOB books we bought and Tommy read his first book  WOW!!  The teacher who wrote these books knew what she was doing!  Tommy was so excited that he read a book.   What a feeling of accomplishment.   We tried the second book tonight, but that one is a bit harder so we will work on that one for a couple more days.  But my 4 year old read a book….I am soo impressed!

Hubby made up supper and we watched the movie Most Extreme Primate that we checked out for Tommy at the library.   He loved the movie!!   During the movie I continued to rip some more books on tape for my MP3 Player.   I did The Nanny Diaries by Emma McLaughlin and Cane River by Lalita Tademy.   I sill have a lot more to do.  I should be set for a while on books to listen to.  

After the movie I took a nice hot bath and relaxed.   When I was done I bagged up my black beans and put them in the freezer and did the dishes.   Tommy, Hubby and I played Go fish and are now getting ready to call it a night.  

Tomorrow….church in the morning of course.   Then I really have nothing planned, but do need to get a big crockpot of Sloppy Joes cooking for future meals for hubby and the kids when I work late.   I also need to iron my clothes for the week.  

Hope everyone is having a great weekend…….

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