Hello – here is a quick update, this is a unusually busy week for us! 


Work went fine yesterday.  I raced off to my Chiropractor appointment and home to get ready to drop off  Erik with Tommy at Auntie Bonnie’s.   When I got home all three kids: Josh, Amy and Erik were at the kitchen table doing their homework.  Amy was trying to help Erik with his math, but was having a hard time of it.  We then went to Erik’s Open house.   That is always a very helpful time.  We heard about assignments in each class, daily expectations and can ask questions.   So we met with everyone of Erik’s teachers.  Hubby had already been to the school earlier with Erik to pick up forgotten homework.  ARGH…looks like that might be a daily occurrence for hubby.  

We didn’t get home from open house until about 9:30 so it was time to quickly get everyone ready for bed!   Tommy had a hard time falling asleep.  I was out before he was!  

Oh yeah, Erik has a secret admirer at school.  She left him a picture and gift.  Hmmm…..


Today so far I have gotten the kids to school and Tommy to daycare.  I then had a Drs appointment.  After my appointment I stopped at Cub Foods to pick up a couple of sale items.  Then I headed to work.   I got to work early so I stopped over to Walmart to pick up a few snacks to have at work and a couple of needed household items. 

I am going to work until about 4:00 and then I will head to the bank to get some cash and go get groceries at Aldi and Rainbow on the way home.   After Supper we are invited over to our neighbors for a bonfire.   So that will pretty much be our evening.  


FRIDAY- Bonfire at neighbors.

SATURDAY – Library and errands if we have any.

SUNDAY – Church – Rally Day Picnic At Church

SUPPER TONIGHT – Tex/Mex Pasta Skillet/Salad/Biscuits

GRATITUDE – I am so grateful for the weekend…..I can’t wait to sleep in tomorrow a bit!!!!!!  And hopefully take a nap each day of the weekend….what bliss!


Leap Of Faith – Queen Noor
East of Eden – John Steinbeck

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  1. Hi….Wow! another busy lady…that’s nice that Erik has a secret admirer and a present too!…I’m not busy like the other ladies, but my brain is busy trying to re-learn math and refresh my english grammar, leaving comments helps me on my english…lol! Well I hope you guys have a great time at the bonfire, sounds like a real good time. Take care!!! …*~*Shelley*~*

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