I got off work early and went to get groceries at Aldi and Rainbow.  I came home and the car pool girls were still here, so they helped carry in groceries with Josh and I.  Erik was doing his chores when I got home, cleaning the bathrooms.   Josh had already done his chores, mopping floors.   So it was nice to see them doing their things without being told.   I gave out allowances and they were off to the mall together.  Josh put in some applications for different jobs.  Old Navy has hired so many kids that they don’t get very many hours..   

Supper was pretty good.   After supper Josh and Erik helped me pick up for 15 minutes and then they left to be with friends.   I did the dishes and hubby was outside doing sidewalk chalk with Tommy.   My SIL Julie came over to visit for a bit while I did the dishes.  Around 8:00 we headed over to the neighbors to hang out for a while at the bonfire.   That was fun!   

Erik had three kids sleep over last night.   I let them run around until I was going to bed and then they had to come in the house.   I got home around 11:00 and they came in and I ended up letting Josh order them Pizza.   Josh had one friend hanging out as well.   It was a full house.  I am very very happy to say, they were all very very good.   Erik stayed calm and they didn’t keep us up all night!!  They never even woke us up once!

At the bonfire we decided we should make egg rolls today!  So my neighbors are coming over to my house to make egg rolls this afernoon.   YUMMY!!  We are planning on making around 300 or so. 


Hubby and I are up but all the kids are asleep still!   I have no idea what time Josh, Erik and the kids went to bed.   OOPsss…..heard hubby talking to Tommy he must have woke up.  

Today we are going to the library and then to the asian grocery store to get things to make egg rolls!   The neighbors are coming over at 1:00 to help roll them!    That is the extend of my day besides doing some laundry I suppose!    I also need to pay bills and look at our weekly budget.

Tonight Erik will have to get busy on his homework as he has alot. 


Rally Day Picnic!!  We will be at church for Rally day!  That is always fun, hanging out with friends, etc.    The kids love the dunk tank, snow cones and other games. 

SUPPER:  Chinese Chicken with Cashews and Egg Rolls!

GRATITUDE:  So many good friends!!!  What a Blessing!

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