Good Morning….as the week goes on I certainly feel less rested in the morning. 


Erik’s IEP meeting went fine.  I really am taking a wait and see approach.   We really want to see what Erik can do with our help of course.  He will probably be changing classes  to ones with Para support in them.  He was upset about that.   But hopefully he will adjust fine.  I just wish the school would have put him in the right classes to begin with.  That would have elminated alot of problems. 

Then we raced home, picked up Tommy and made supper.  We had to be at the church by 6:15.   Erik is excited about confirmation and we got him all registered.  Classes start next week.  Hubby and I will be signing up for a adult bible study, but haven’t decided which one yet.  Erik signed up to help watch younger children at Parents Night Out as his service project.  He is good with kids, but it will be an adjustment that he needs to be in charge of children.  He so wants to be babysitting Tommy, but that is hard to do when we aren’t even ready to leave him home alone.  He does help out when we are home as well.  He really loves his little brother. 

Once we got home, Erik went out to play, but had to come in and wash dishes.  Wednesdays are his night.  Josh and Amy did their homework right after school and then had to be at church to help with orientation at 8:00 for the grade they help teach.   Hubby and Erik had a long discussion about school and hubby’s expectations.  I helped Erik orgainize his papers and his Language Arts Binder.   He was assigned his first two larger assignments.   We will start working on those probably tonight or tomorrow.

Tommy and I got to bed later than usual since I was up helping Erik. 


This morning I was able to get a few things done before taking Tommy to preschool.  I got the crockpot ready with makings for homemade spaghetti sauce.  I left a note for Josh to start the crockpot on high after school.   I switch laundry around, cleaned out the fridge and washed dishes.   The boys will do their chores tonight and hopefully be done with them by the time I get home from work. 

Tommy is at preschool and was not as clingy as last time, but did cry and hang onto me a bit.   I was able to get him to play a bit.  I stayed for about 1/2 hour and then I was able to sneak out.  He noticed I was gone and I heard him cry “I want my Mommy”.  The teacher had him on her lap and he seemed to settle down ok.  I stayed out in the hall to listen and make sure he was ok before I left for work. 

Not too much going on at work today.  I have to go to a training this afternoon. 

This evening I have a chiropractor appointment and then it is a quick supper and off to Erik’s Open House at the Middle School. 


FRIDAY!!!  YEAH!!  We were invited to a neighbors house for a bonfire, but other than that we don’t have to go anywhere!!  YEAH!!  The pace of our life this week is a bit too much.  I have been trying very hard to keep my committments outside of the home to a minimum.    I was approached to teach Sunday school and I declined.  I didn’t sign up to help with confirmation either.  I will only be doing one thing this year extra, which will be volunteering to help plan the Senior Party.   I will volunteer at Josh’s school this year and then do some for Erik next year.  I am still on my committee at church and have my book group.   That is enough.  I need to be home to take care of my family.  Not to mention I do have a fulltime job as well too!  So my lesson learned this year…….It is ok to say no!

SUPPER :   Spaghetti and Garlic Toast

GRATITUDE:  Grateful I am able to take my baby to preschool every morning. 

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  1. In that pic of Tommy is that your Siamese cat? I had one for 10 years. He was a big, fat one like the one in your picture. When I saw him laying on the chair my heart leaped, he looked so much like my cat.

    RYC: Thanks I do try to keep it that way!

    Thanks for the nice comments you leave, you encourage me so much!

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