Good Morning….Happy Monday!   It is a good Monday since I don’t have to work! 


Hubby was outside with Tommy alot last night.  That helped me out and I could get some dishes done and things.  During nap time hubby and I recovered two dining room chairs.  I still need to sew the piping and screw them back together.  We have two more chair seats to receover today.   I really want to have them completely done by bedtime tonight!  That is my goal!  

I went to bed with Tommy, but he didn’t fall asleep until almost 10:00.  Hubby then put him to bed and we watched the movie The Ring 2 until almost 1:00am.  WHEW…we never stay up that late.  At the end of the movie Tommy woke up and crawled in bed with us. He slept with us the rest of the night.  


Tommy and I are up, but hubby is still sleeping.  So far this morning I have put away Erik’s clothes and the downstairs towels.   I had some breakfast and brought my sewing machine up to start owrking on recovering the piping for the dining room chairs.   I hope to get these chairs all done today.  We really need to be able to use our dining tables as our kitchen table is too small.   We have too many people over for supper to eat at the small table.  

We hope to go to the park today and havea little picnic with Tommy.  He loves that!  Other than that I will try to finish up my TO DO LIST!


  • Finish dining room chairs  -DONE
  • Laundry  – Few Loads Done!
  • Bake breakfast bars and bread
  • Clean off Dining Room table and finish shelf  – DONE
  • Add recipes to site from this week


Tommy starts preschool tomorrrow.  I will drop him off in the morning and then hubby will pick him up on his lunch break from work and take him to daycare.  We do what we can to make this work, since we believe it is so important for him to be in preschool.   He will have three years of preschool before starting Kindergarten.   We are working at home to learn to id the letters of the alphabet.  We are working on A-F and he knows them all but has trouble with C and D so we are working on those a week longer.  We read books related to the letters and point up the letter in the book.  So far it is working out well.  He loves to learn.   Hubby loaded a matching game on the computer for him yesterday that helps with vocabulary and he can do it at the hardest level.   He is a smart cookie.  WOW!   He spells and writes his name as well. 

Erik also has his first ortho appointment since getting his braces on.   I am not sure if hubby or I am taking him yet.   It is an extremely busy week for us.  Our evenings are all taken up with open houses and orientations.   Hopefully next week will be a more routine week for us. 

SUPPER:  I am going to try the Crockpot Enchiladas and Corn.  I think this is the same recipe that Terri made, I hope it isn’t too hot for us.  I looked at the ingredients and it didn’t seem like it would be.   Hmm……we will see.

GRATITUDE –  Grateful for snugglebugs.  (what Tommy calls cuddling before going to sleep).


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  1. Hope you enjoy that recipe!  It may be that I added a hotter version of enchilada sauce.  I had bought a big can of it one time & only needed half of it, so I froze the other half in the freezer.  Let me know how you like it.  It would also be good made with chicken. 

    Have a great day off with family!

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