Good Afternoon…hope everyone is enjoying their day!  


We attended church this morning.  Josh and Amy joined us since their Bible study didn’t meet today.   We got Tommy signed up for Sunday School and signed up for Rally Day picnic.   After church we stopped at the grocery store, but the items from yesterday were no longer on sale.  DRATS!   Then it was home to make some lunch.

After lunch Tommy and I layed down for a nap.   My mom called and then I got up from our nap.  Tommy is still sleeping.   Josh has gone to his dad’s and hubby is finishing mowing the lawn.   I went outside and read for a little bit and now I am waiting for hubby to come in the house and we are going to finish reupholstering my dining room chairs.  I have the foam and material all cut.  I jsut need him to help pull things tight so I can staple.   I really need to get these done this weekend!    I am having book group at my house later this month and I need the chairs for people to sit on.  

Not much else planned for today.   A nice quiet day………..


Nothing planned…….aaah….doesn’t that sound like a great day!   We rarely have those type of days. 

SUPPER – Porkchops,  green beans and rice. 

GRATITUDE – My family sitting together at church, fillling our pew.   We were only missing Erik since he was at his moms.  It brings joy to my heart!

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  1. Hafa Adai:
    Monday is a holiday here…Labor Day! So no school or work. Yippee..Family Time.
    What do you do during your book club at your house…do you exchange books or work on 1 book at a time? I’m looking for ideas for our church here on Guam?

  2. What a great thing to have everyone in church…….we do it regularly in body, but I don’t think everyone’s mind and spirit is there.   And I need my dining room chairs reupholstered. Can you come and teach me?

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