My Morning Accomplishments…….

I finished two chairs so I have a total of 4 of my dining room chairs completely done!  YEAH!!    I have the piping sewed for the other two and the material all cut out.  I jsut have to have hubby help me recover the seats.  It takes a few extra hands.  

Now I will make some lunch and get supper in the crockpot.  Then I have to fun to Home Depot to buy some more staples and get some more paint samples.   I have yet to decide how I will paint my livingroom.  One minutes I like the accent wall idea and the next I don’t.     Hmm……I jsut want to spruce things up a bit before Josh’s Open House for his graduation in June.   I want to get all the things done around here early to eleviate some of the stress.  

Well off to make lunch…..later!

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