Believe it or not …we jsut got home.   We went to the library and picked up some books and 2 movies to watch.   Then we went to Target.  I found what Erik wanted for his birthday and picked that up.   I so got some jeans and socks for my BIL’s birthday.   We will havea party at our house to celebrate both of their birthdays later this month.   Then we went to Goodwill.  Alot of people don’t know this, but you can find alot of new items at Goodwill since Target donates unsold items to them.   We bought two unopened games for Birthday/Christmas presents.   I of course bought two books.  Sea Glass by Anita Shreve and Bel Canto.   Hubby gets all his work shirts there.  He found 4 nice ones this time.   We also found a new set of drinking glasses.  We needed some more the kids break ours when doing dishes alot.  We always find a couple of great finds.  

Then we stopped at Cub Foods.  They were having a three day sale on Chicken breasts.  3 pound bag for 3.98.   I plan on going back tomorrow and buying two more bags.  They have a limit of 2 bags.   We eat alot of skinless chicken breasts.   Now I need to straighten up the house and do dishes.   I will probably cook up some rice and chicken to freeze for future meals.    That always comes in handy.  

Terri you asked if the broccoli salad would last for a few days in the fridge.  I would think so, my hubby was eating leftovers of it this morning and it was good.   It never lasts too long around here. 

Hope everyone is having a great day!

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  1. I’ll definitely have to make that salad!  I didn’t know you used the Meals4Mom menus, too!  I just discovered them this week!  I really do like the recipes she uses; they’re what our family likes.  I just tried a bite of the enchilads in the crockpot & they are really good, alittle spicey though! 

  2. Hafa Adai:

    I wish our Goodwill was as nice as the ones there. Ours is really small and most of the good stuffs are gone…but I love going to yard sale…I look for new or unopened packages for gifts too. We have alot of relatives here…so usually I start collecting for birthdays or Christmas.


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