I am exhausted!   I am glad the block party is over, though I really do enjoy it alot!  It went really well and we got alot of compliments.  


We had beautiful weather for the party.  We started setting up around noon and the party started at 3:00.   We had between 95 and 100 people in attendenace.   We had a few new families, so it was great to meet them.  The kids as always got alittle out of control, my middle one included.   Erik always gets over excited about the block party, but he was better than previous years.  The party lasted until 9:00 and then we cleaned up the rest of the stuff and had a bonfire.   The bonfire lasted until about 3:00am and boy was I tired!!  I came in at about 2:15 or so, but there were still people at the fire.  

Josh and Charlie slept by the fire all night.   They were a sight in the morning.  Erik slept over at the neighbors.   Tommy was really tired and he was asleep by 9:30 or so.  My BIL, Steve spent the weekend with us and helped with the block party.   MY SIL, Bonnie helped with the party and stayed over as well.  So we all had a great time! 


The day after….argh….water balloons every where, 1/2 drank pops all over the lawn.   After we finally were up and moving we picked up the yard and packed up the block party supplies for another year.  After everything was cleaned up, Tommy and I took a 3 hour nap.   Boy did I need that!  

After our nap, I worked on dishes and laundry.   SUnday was definitely a day of recooperating! 


WHat’s new with my boys…………………….

JOSH – he is so exctied to be going on his camping trip this weekend.   Mom of course is a little nervous, but luckily for me, all of Josh’s friends going are very good kids.   One of the other mothers and I were just talking about how we can trust them, etc.   We jsut worrry about the girls! 

I am taking Josh to get his Senior Pics done on Wednesday.   I need to leave him some money to get his hair cut tomorrow.   Josh is still working on trying to save money to buy a car, but he doesn’t have his momma’s spending habits.   I am very frugal, he is not!

ERIK – still doing pretty good.  He didn’t listen the best at the block party, but then again neither did the other boys who were being a bit wild.  I am so happy that Erik is doing so well socially.   He has gone on a number of sleepovers or had others sleepover at our house.  He has taken friends to markers at church, etc.   Josh and Adam took him to the Middle School and gave him a tour of the school already.   He and Josh are getting along just fine as well.  He does struggle with sharing with Tommy.   Erik is used to being the baby at his mom’s and that has been an adjustment.  But overall, we are very happy with how well he is adjusting.  My ex hubby gave him a bike to use so he is mobile again.  

Erik’s braces don’t seem to be bothering him at all anymore.  He is doing very well about brushing his teeth.  Generally he is brushing 3 to 4 times a day.   I am afraid the novelty will wear off, but so far so good!

TOMMY – what can I say….he is as cute as always.  He was funny last night, he heard the word ridiculus on the TV and it is his new favorite word.   He will look at me and say “that’s ridiculous!”.  LOL!!   He is writing and spelling his first name.   Last night we got out a bike my SIL had given us and he learned to ride a two-wheel bike with training wheels.   He did great and boy do you have to walk fast to keep up with him.  

He loved the block party and had alot of fun.  He was much easier to watch this year.  He could be unsupervised in the yard, playing with the other kids.  He didn’t eat at all at the party.  He was too busy and excited about all the friends!

Next week he is going to preschool daycamp at church.   My mother is coming to stay with the boys next week since my daycare is on vacation.  Tommy is very excited about that!!  He talked to grandma and grandpa last night on the phone.   He is growing up so fast and he is so smart. 

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