Today is the day…..BLOCK PARTY!!!   We are all starting to wake up at our house.  My BIL came over and is spending the weekend  to enjoy the block party with us.  This morning we are going to hit the library and then pick up pizza for lunch.  

I have a couple of families that help with the block party.   They are great!  This morning one of them is going to pick up the moon walk in W St Paul.   The other family is going to the Farmers Market and getting corn and picking up tables and chairs.    So once we are home from the library we will unload and set up tables.  The rest of the day will be very busy.   We have 93 RSVP’s as of last night.   So we should have over 100 people over.  Tommy is very excited.  Especially for the cake walk since I have cookies on my dining room table he is really wanting to eat!   The weather seems like it will cooperate and give us a nice day.   In the 10 years we have been having the block party we have not had any rain!   Looks like we will be blessed again today. 

Well I better shower and get ready.   I will try to take some pics to share with you all….have a great day!

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