Quick hello before I get running with my day.   I have to get groceries this morning, library and run other errands.   So not too relaxing today.  I also have a fair amount of laundry to get done.

Last night Erik had a friend sleep over.   It went pretty good.  Erik gets so excited that is he so loud and yelling.  We had to ask him to quiet down afew times.  BUt at least he wasn’t loud in the middle of night.   I am sure they were up all night playing games.   Summer will be over soon enough.  

We went to famous footwear last night but couldn’t find any shoes for Tommy.  We will look at the mall today.   I am also planning on buy all of Erik’s school supplies today.  I will take Josh with and he can pick out what he might need as well.  


Make Grocery List
Get Groceries – Aldi and Rainbow
Bread Thrift Store
Sam’s Club – Paper Plates, Comp Paper, and Instant Breakfast
Mall – Shoes Tommy
Target – School Supplies, Bike Tubes
Library – Return Books/Movies
Make Carnival Games for Block Party

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  1. That is great that Erik had a friend over, it sounds like he is really doing well now that he is living with you full-time.

    As for shoes – high tops are good, they are just not enough.  They will help him from pronating while he wears them -so that’s good, it’ll prevent any injury – but arch supports would be great, too.  Check out Zappos.com for shoes, too, they have pretty good prices on some things and shipping is free.

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