Morning….just a quick entry before I head to work.   Yesterday went pretty good.  I didn’t leave the office until around 10:15 so I got home later than usual.   I did get alot done though.   I did manage to fit in two walks yesterday.  I hope to to the same today.  I have unit meeting this morning and then a homevisit at 1:00 so maybe over my lunch in between there I can walk a mile or so.   Tonight I have book group.  It is at a restuarant so I think I will go.   It should be short.   I haven’t finished the book, I jsut couldn’t get into it.  We are discussing Anna Karenina by Tolstoy.   I did start the book for August and finished it last night….I like it.  A nice light read, what I really needed right now!   

Mrs Kimble by Jennifer Haigh  – 4/5

During my supper break last night I updated our savings budget.  We are doing pretty good, though I am a little short in two categories.  One being Erik’s braces since they were more than originally quoted and our monthly expense category.  I only budgeted for 12 months, when really it is 13 months between our taxes.   We claim 0 all year and then receive a fairly large return which we budget through out the year for larger expenses we how are coming.   We budget 300 a month for unforseen things, like school clothes, car repairs, etc.    I will be cleaning out our emergency savings line to pay for all the car repairs from July.   I put them on my CC at the time, but will have to pay a bunch towards them and then try to build up our emergency savings again.   The system we are using this year is working very well.    I also made my monthly billing paying sheets for the rest of the year.    I still have to print up the school  and medical info for the kids and get that in a central place.  

Last night when I got home my older two boys had put up the tent in the back yard.  Erik, Josh and Charlie slept out in the tent for the night.   Josh volunteered to watch Erik today so he could sleep outside with them last night.   The ran electricity to the tent and played x-box and stuff.  Really roughing it.   Oh..and at about 11:00 or so they ordered pizza.   Camping is so tough!   Erik loves being included with the big guys.  They all treat him very well.   Josh graduates from high school on June 9th, 2006 so I am not sure what Erik will do without Josh around.   Though Josh does plan on staying at home for about 3 years following graduation.  

We finally got info from the Middle School in the mail yesterday.  I need to sit down with it today and put events on my calendar.    Open houses and stuff like that.   I started to fill in my calendar with the days off the kids have from school.  OH MY….three kids in three different schools and all have different days off of school!   Luckily I will keep my current schedule of having one day off a week to accomodate their school schedules.   My calendar is so full and I only have the kids stuff on there not all my work stuff!  YIKES!!  It will be a very busy year! 

Erik starts confirmaiton this year too….but that isn’t a change in our schedule at we go to church for classes and a meal every Wednesday already.  I am not sure what class hubby and I will take this year.  I don’t want to teach this year.  I need to cut back with Erik being with us and more time needed for his school work, etc.   We might sign up to the take the Alpha classes together.  We will see…….

I have to remember to get to church and sign Tommy up for daycamp in August.   I think it will be a nice tranisition back into school and preschool.  The camp is put on by his preschool and is from 9-11:30 each morning.  It happend to be he week that our daycare is on vacation so either I am home or my mom will come stay with the boys for me.  Either way tommy should be able to go and he is finally potty trained!!  So not a problem for camp!

Gotta hit the shower and get to work….Tommy is still sleeping.  He waited up for me to come home last night.   Have a wonderful day!

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