Wednesday and my first day at work this week.  WOW.   I just called and checked on the kids and Erik says his teeth/mouth is feeling fine.  I am so glad he isn’t in alot of pain. 

Tuesday I came into work to pick up my laptop and some files to prepare for a Wed. morning meeting.   I also stopped at the rental store and put down a deposit on the moon walk for the block party.   I also dropped some stuff off at the Dakota Cty Library.   Not the usual library I use since I live in a different cty.   Back home again to do some more laundry and start supper.   I made Smothered Hamburger Steaks (hubby and Erik loved them), mashed potatoes and green beans.  All the food was soft enough so Erik could eat just fine.  I made a marinade for supper tonight so all hubby has to do is throw the chicken breasts in the oven.    I remembered to make plans for my family for supper since I will be working late tonight. 

The rest of my evening was spent reading, laundry, playing with Tommy and giving him a bath.  Tommy fell asleep in his own bed and I stayed up for a bit and prepared for my morning meetings.

Of course since I stayed up late and prepared for my meetings, they would cancel.  lOL!!   I got a call this morning while I was getting ready for work.   Oh well….we rescheduled to later in the week. 

Today is a fairly easy day.   I worked on my budget over lunch, then I have a home visit at 1:00.   The rest of the evening will be in the office doing paperwork.   I will try and get two walks in today though.   Which means I better scoot and get my first one in before my homevisit.  Later!!!! 

I will probably work on home paperwork while I eat my supper as well.    Always so busy at home.   Later! 

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