Ok….crabby momma here!   Tired from working a long day and come home to my oldest having not done his one chore I ask of him from the day.   WOW…I know I ask alot.   But he had time to alphabetize his CD’s, go to the mall and have friends over.  The chore I had for him would take a total of 15 minutes at the most!   A chore that he did as soon as I mentioned it in less than 15.  

I am so happy that I came home to Erik getting ready for a sleep over!  YEAH!!  Erik was INVITED to a sleep over.  The last few days he has been playing with many friends.  He hasn’t been invited to a sleep over in a long time.   Kids are even coming to the door asking if he can play.  I am so happy he is doing so well. 

Well time to head to bed.   I am really tired and Tommy is running around here like a wild man.   Time to get him settled down for the night.  


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