I am awake…sort of.   First day back to work is done.  YEAH!   I work 12 hours today and then I have Wednesday off.   I work 8 hours on Thursday and Friday.   I am so glad my work allows me to flex my hours around so much to meet the needs of my children/family.   It works out great for us all.  

Josh had a friend sleep over last night and they were nice and quiet.   Smart boys!    The van is suppose to be done today so hopefully hubby can pick it up this evening when he gets home.   Josh has to work from 5:30 to 9:30.   The shaking of the van was that it needed a tune up…hmm…we will see about that.   I am frightened to see the finally bill on these repairs.  

Well off to shower and get to work.    I have already started some laundry so we are good to go there.    I should take my menu planning stuff with me to work and I will write out my shopping list over lunch.  Should be another quiet day at work.  I really dont’ have too much to do again.   I have one ISP to write and a new case to read through.  I do have filing to do, but not my favorite chore to do!   

Later!  Have a great Tuesday!

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