You know how things seem to happen for a reason??  Well we couldn’t decide if we should go ahead and purchase a van or not??  Well the decision was made for us.  Our current van broke down.  The suspension arm and link broke and it had to be repaired.   The repairs so far are close to 1,000.00 and there is still one more issue to get looked into.  So since that cleaned out our extra emergency savings, we aren’t comfortable at this time also taking on another loan for a new van without some savings to fall back on.   So hopefully with these repairs our old van will last another 6 months and we will look at buying a van at that time. 

I have to call the bank and let them know since they had approved us for the loan already.   I think things happen for a reason, so I am sure this is for the best.  Let Go and Let God.  

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