Morning……I jsut finished my breaksfast and I think I will quickly shower and take a walk before we head to the library.   I can get some nice walks in on the weekend when hubby is home.  He had been working until 10:00 at night each night since we have returned from SD.  

Josh left early this morning to go to his Dad’s and help him move.   Josh worked 8 hours last night so he should have a good check again.   He is applying for jobs elsewhere since he doesn’t get many hours at Old Navy.   When we were in SD my dad and Josh uncovered my old Monte Carlo, which hasn’t run in a while.   Josh has been bugging his grandparents about having that car since it is a collectors car now.   My dad told him it would cost too much to get it up and running.   But his grandparents said they would help him buy a car.   So he is saving up some money and then his grandparents will give him some and I will try to help him as well.    So hopefully he will be able to get a car soon.  My parents have always been so good to Josh….he is very lucky to have such wonderful grandparents.    So Josh is spending alot of time surfing looking for a good deal. 

Well I am off to shower and get ready to take a walk before we go to the library and run the rest of our errands.    Have a great Day!!!  It is suppose to be pretty hot today so I want to get alot out of the way this morning so I can stay inside this afternoon.


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