Day Three of Vacation…….

Sunday of course meant getting up for church.   We went to church, which was weird since it is the church I grew up in and many of the same families are still there.  It is much smaller than I remember it. 

After Church we went to the Hospital/Clinic Pancake Feed at the AMerican Legion.   Good breakfast for cheap…….

Then we went back home for nap time.  Tommy and Mommy took a nap, while everyone else went to the Car/Motorcycle/Tractor Show downtown Redfield.  Josh bumped into Karl there and got to spend a bit more time with him.  Which was nice. 

Grandma and Erik at the Car Show

Ok…I could add a million pics from the car show…..hubby took alot!

After the car show……we went to where my Brother and SIL were camping.  They had driven up to Aberdeen to pick up my neice, her hubby and baby.  We all went to the campsite to have supper there and spend the evening.

The mosquitos were terrible so we ate and hung out in the screen tent most of the night!

Tommy is really afraid of dogs, but started to warm up to my bros dog, Charlie.

My bro, Dan making us supper.

Bro and SIL’s home away from home.  

Samuel – age 9 months – my great nephew

Susan and Sam – my neice and her hubby.  



Tommy started to like that baby after a bit…….

We had a great time visiting with everyone.  I hadn’t seen Samuel since he was born so it was great to play with him.   After supper my bro brought out the TV to the screen tent and we played “shout about Movies” outside.   It was alot of fun.   Our fun was cut short as Erik ahd asked to take Tom to the bathroom.  I don’t know what I was thinking letting him do it.  I was busy and Tommy had to go and Erik offered.  So I let him without thinking.  Of course it was a mess and we had to leave early as they were both covered in pee.  ARGH!!   It is always nice that Erik offers to help…..

So we went back into town to clean them up.  Then we loaded up and went to a little park outside of town to shoot off our fireworks.  The boys had alot of rockets and mortor shells to shoot.  We did about four rockets and Tommy was freaking out!!  I had hubby take Tommy, my mom and I back to town and they retruned to shoot their things.   Tommy and I did his little smoke bombs and stuff at grandma’s house.  

It was a late night.  Once everyone got back we had to take showers as we were covered in bug spray.  So it was after midnight by the time we were all done with showers and in bed.  


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