Day Two of Vacation………

We slept in a little bit and got up and had breakfast.  Then we headed to the Air Show at the airport.   It was cool…..the pilot, Jim Pietz did alot of cool tricks!

Next we watched a demonstration of a Trebuchet.   Josh and Erik had built a small Trebuchet so seeing a huge on in action was fun.  I think they want to build a bigger one!
They launched gallons jugs of water with this one….

The Trebuchet……

After hanging out at the airport we headed home to my parents for lunch.  Then it was nap time!  Tommy and I took a little nap and around 3:30 my friend and her kids came over to go to the Demo Derby with us.

Emma and Ethan – What cuties!

The Demo Derby was fun, but it was so hot and my kids didn’t do that great in the sun.  Tommy was crying and crying since the sun hurt his eyes.   So we left after the first heat and went to the Dairy Queen for a treat with our friends!!!

Karl came to pick up Josh.  That went fine, though you could tell Karl and Josh were both very nervous.  The funny part to me was as they both walked away from me, they walk and are built exactly the same.  I never realized how much Josh looked like his Dad until I saw them together.  WOW.  At about 11:00 I was getting tired so I tried to call Josh to see when he was coming back to town.   I finally had to call the farm to get ahold of him.  He was having a good time and said I could go to bed.    When he got home from the farm he came in and told me about his visit.  He was really happy to have spent time with his dad and grandparents.  I am happy for him.  I only thing I have ever regretted was that he hasn’t really been able to see his grandparents on his Dad’s side much. 

The rest of the evening we spent at my parents visiting with my Brother and SIL.   It was a nice evening……

Oh…my neice was in a car accident on Friday so wasn’t able to get to come down to see us right away.   She was a little sore, but thankfully she wasn’t injured any worse.  



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  1. That is so funny, I think Josh looks so much like your husband! LOL

    Everyone always says my stepdaughter looks like me. One lady even commented that she had her mother’s eye’s to which I said, “yes she does.”

  2. my nephew knows who is bio-dad is….even went to Florida once to see him…and the bio-dad wasn’t around much, so he met his grandparents who were very cool….

    that was like 20 years ago….

    my nephew is 30 now….and there’s really no contact between him and his bio-dad…..  his step-dad is like his dad, having raised him since he was maybe 6 or so….  There were too many false promises of visits, cards, gifts and no follow-through…. although my neph. says, he still cares for his dad….I do think the ‘separation’ bugs him to some extent….

    meanwhile, he ABSOLUTELY loves his family that raised him….  🙂

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