We were up and out the door farily early to go to the Parade.  Tommy had never been to a parade, but since he was told there was candy being thrown, he was all over it!

Waiting for this Parade thing to start…..

More waiting for the parade….

Hubby, Josh, Erik and My Mom.

Waving at the cars so they will throw candy!! = Ethan and Tommy..

After the Parade we walked back to get the van at my parents and headed out to the fair grounds for my festivities.   We watched the Kiddie Tractor Pull – Erik was too old to participate and I didn’t think Tommy would pedal.   But we watched the other kids for a bit.  

Then Tommy and Erik rode the mechanical bull.  I don’t have a pic of it as hubby took a video.  It was alot of fun.  I will try to get a still of Tommy on it!    Erik fell off the bull, but was excited to have ridden it.  



Tommy and Erik went on a little train ride….

Then I took Tommy to play a few carnival sort of games.  Then we left to go fishing.  My brother took the boys fishing for a bit. 

Getting ready to fish in the Chocolate River….the water was so muddy, Tommy thought it looked like chocolate.


Erik Fishing…..

Tommy fishing…..neither of the boys caught a fish.

After fishing we headed back in to town.  Tommy fell alseep on the way into town so I stayed home with him and napped.   We both needed it!  Everyone else went out to see Cow Pie Bingo and the Tug o War at the fair grounds.   Ok….I have never witnessed Cow Pie Bingo, but it is where they draw a bingo card on the ground and put a cow in the pen where that is and wait for him to poop on the squares….I kid you not!!!    Hubby was exicted as the cow pooped when he got there and she hadn’t up until then.   Only in South Dakota!

We did a few more fireworks in the afternoon.

After supper we played outside.  They played catch and we all played don’t break the crystal ball, monkey in the middle and hide the treasure.   It was alot of fun and the boys burned off some energy.

Tommy was still very unsure about the fireworks.  Hubby, my dad and the older boys went to the fireworks.  My mom and I walked to where we could see them with Tommy, but he wouldn’t stay to see them.  He was scared and wanted to return to grandma’s.   So we didn’t make him stay.  I don’t want him to be scared forever about fireworks.   So he watched his Scooby Doo movie and I read while everyone watched the fireworks.    

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  1. FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    However, I have never…EVER heard of CowPie Bingo before!!! lol  I just can’t imagine WAITING for the Cow to GO and see where it LANDS!!!

    EEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!  lol

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