This weekend is so busy…I didn’t have a chance to get on the computer yesterday at all.   But we had a great day!    We got up and got ready to go to the church garage sale and library.   We found a number of great deals at the garage sale.   I bought a book I wanted Gilead for 75 cents.   They had a few other ones too, but I am trying to get the ones I have read right now, so didn’t want to add alot more.  But it is my weakness that is for sure.  I found Erik a cool pair of tennis shoes.  The ones he had from school were just all ripped up and I didn’t want to buy him new ones yet for school so these should get him through until we go school shopping.  I also found him three pairs of jean shorts and two shirts.   Tommy I found a pair of snow boots, a sweater and pjs.  Tommy also got a pirate costume and three spiderman cartoons which he loves.   Hubby found some glasses that match a partial set we have that we use at Christmas.  So everyone found at least one treasure.   Then we went to the library and picked reserves, etc.

Tom’s the Pirate!

Then we hurried home and the boys changed clothes so we could go to the graduation party.  We were there from like 1:30 until 5:00 or so.  It was great.  My SIL, Bonnie went with us too.   Hubby and Bonnie saw alot of people from their childhood.   The graduation was for hubby’s friend from childhood.    Great time!

Tommy napped briefly on the way home, but then wouldn’t go back to sleep.  I ran to Target and got some sunscreen for him and then the boys played in the wading pool.


Tomm played in the water until 8:00.  Then I took him to bathe him since he breaks out so badly from the sunscreen.   Then our neighbors started coming over for the first official bonfire of the year.   

Hubby starting his fire……..

We turned on the tunes in the garage and sat in the back yard and enjoyed the fabulous evening with 10 neighbors/friends.   We chatted and chatted until 2:30am!   YIKES!!  It was a great time.   We have the best neighborhood in the world.    Such fun people and good friends.  

Erik is still grounded from bonfires so he wasn’t able to be out enjoying the fire this time.  Tommy was out for a bit, but once it gets dark I don’t like him by the fire.   He went to bed around 10:00 or so in his own bed. 

Ok…this is getting to be a long post….I will start a new one for today!

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