Today is going to be pretty low keyed I hope!    I am letting hubby sleep in today.  He is still sleeping as is Erik.    I am going to make some pancakes for breakfast and then we will take hubby shopping at Sears for a new drill.   His broke and will only go in reverse so he needs a new one.   I am also going to stop at the store and buy ice cream to make an ice cream cake.  Hubby’s new favorite treat!!

I also hope to stop at a Toy R Us in Roseville that is closing to look for deals for Christmas.  Erik needs a new bike for the summer…..and I want to find some Leappad games for Christmas for Tommy.  I also want to see if they have a VSmile on clearance as that is what I want to get Tommy for Christmas.  I already have his birthday present and I know what we are getting Erik for his brithday, just haven’t picked it up yet.    So we will see what we all find for Christmas.  

Otherwise we will be relaxing at home.  I have a few things around the house I really need to get to today. 

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