Today was a busy day, seems like I had the entire weekend in one day!   This is the first time I have had a moment to get to my computer since my hasty post this morning.

I went and got groceries, stayed within budget and got enough food until we are back from vacation on July 5th.    I stocked up on things I never buy!   I bought frozen pizzas, pizza rolls ups and hamburger helper.  Things my hubby and oldest son can cook in my absense!    I won’t eat those type of things.   Ran all my errands, dashed home with 1/2 hour to make lunch and get Tommy to the Dentist. 

After the Dentist, Tommy took a nap and I cleaned up the kitchen, then I went outside to read and enjoy the day.   Josh, Amy, Melinda and Adam were all here getting ready for the mission trip.  They decided to bake brownies, though I had bought them a ton of junk already for the ride.  

Making Brownies for the Mission Trip

After Tommy woke up we went outside to play in the wading pool.  I forgot to take my camera out…oops…no pic of that.

Then I decided to figure out how many people will be eating supper at our house.   We had a few extras so we added a bit to our meal to stretch it.   I love being able to have extras on a minutes notice.  I am glad the teens like to hang out at our house.  Drives hubby nuts sometimes if it is everyday, etc.    They are all really good kids…..

Buffet style meal………..

After Supper, Josh and the girls all packed up and headed to church.  We met them up there later to see them off and bring the van home.

All packed and ready to go!

Getting ready to load the bus……………

HI Josh…..

My boys………..makes this momma’s heart happy!

All the kids ready to go……………………..

Our Little two guys……….AAAAhhh….

Now we are back at home and I was able to go on a quick walk.   I am trying to stay on program this weekend.  We have a graduation party in Centerville to go to tomorrow so I need to eat well.  

Erik had a hard time when Josh left.  He was crying when Josh got on the bus as he will miss him so much.   He is very attached to Josh.   It is late and I should head to bed…….hope everyone has a great weekend! 

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