The sun is out for the second day in a row in Minnesota…WOW!  I took part of my lunch break and took a 20 minutes walk.  Unfortunately I walked in my sandals….OUCH!!   I will have to bring a pair of tennis shoes to the office to keep here so I can walk each day over lunch.  I think this is a better solution for me since I don’t seem to have the time during the week to walk at home.  I do on the weekend and Friday, but not during the week.   I will walk 4 days a week at the office and ride bike on Friday and the weekend.  That should help with the weight loss, I hope!    Once it gets too hot, I won’t be able to walk as much, I will have asthma attacks with the heat.  My office does have a gym in the basement, but i have been too self consious to use it.  Maybe by winter i will be able to do that???  Hmmmmm…. Off to work!

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  1. My husband says MN weather is two extremes: very cold and very hot no spring or fall.

    We may be making a trip to St. Paul in September. Tim has family who lives up there. His aunt is head of oncology at the U of M.

  2. bravo!  did u kno that @10 yrs ago to 15 yrs ago a group of us would do aerobics over lunch….always a great work-out!!!  clean-up shower, fresh and energized for work and I swear those extra endorphins surely helped make work life simple…and easy!!!  🙂

    rah-rah-siss-boom-bah for endorphins!!!  lol

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