Lots going on in our house….always busy with school winding down and getting ready for summer.  I still need to get Erik and Tom’s summer clothes out and in their drawers.   I have Tom’s out, but haven’t put them in since it has been so cold.   I have a 4 day weekend this weekend so I hope to get this stuff all done.  I need to do an inventory of Erik’s clothes.   Hubby is sort of picky so if something is stained I have to make sure it doesn’t go into his drawer.   I promised Erik when he came we would go shopping for summer sandals and socks, etc. and anything else he needs.  Erik moves in for the summer after going on vacation with his mother and her family.   I think he will be at our house June 12th, so plenty of time to get his clothes out and figure out what we need to buy. 

I really need to update our calendar at home and get organized again.  We have a few things planned already this summer.  We are going to my nephews wedding in Fargo the weekend of June 24th.  And for the July 4th holiday we are going to South Dakota.   I am hoping to do a weekend get away as we always do in August.  This year the kids start school Sept. 1st so we can’t do our usual holiday get away.   Our friends have a time share and they were looking into finding us a weekend.  They are the greatest!   They let us go to Breeze Point over the winter…it was alot of fun!  

Well lunch is over….later!

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  1. I’m actually jealous-I lived in Fargo briefly and I just fell in love with it.  Where in MN are you from?  I graduated from UMD in Duluth-I lived there for many years! 

  2. What a great feeling to have clothes that are too big!! Haven’t felt that in a while. Hopefully I will soon. I seem to be feeling a bit better these days (babysteps) and sleeping better, so that is a big deal. The FlyFest was awesome. The next one is going to be in Baltimore. Don’t know if I can swing that, but I’m gonna try. Have a great time out with your hubby this weekend!

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