Morning…..I am awake.   I forgot I don’t have to work a 12 hour day today.  I have to cook at the church with friends.  We are doing our test session for the next cooking session.  We are making marinades for grilling and side dishes.   Always is fun….it is a great group of ladies!  

I have a school observation and than I am in the office the rest of the afternoon until I leave for church. 

Good news….I need to buy a size smaller pants.   Bad news.  I just bought 6 pairs of capris when in Duluth and they are all too big now!   DUMB….DUMB!  I jsut have to find someone I know that wears a size 10.   I would love to give them to someone in weight watchers since I know that losing the weight is great, but the cost of new clothes, expensive!  I will have to ask around.

Friday is our anniversary.  We have been married for 5 years.  We are going to go out for supper and to the movie.  Josh said he would watch Tom for us.  We haven’t been to a movie alone in at least a year.  I think the last movie we went to was for our anniversary last year.  How sad…so I am looking forward to that!

It is a 4 day weekend for me….YEAH!!  Monday is a holiday so we are off as well.  I am looking forward to a quiet weekend to catch up on sleep and read and relax.  Doesn’t that sound great!!!

We were invited to a friends cabin for the Fourth of July, but already had plans to go to South Dakota for the 150th centennial of my hometown to see my parents and brother.  My nephew is getting married next month so I need to make hotel reservations for that.   We have some busy weekends coming up. 

Time to get ready for work….Have a great day!!

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  1. I’m still doing some 12-hr days.  5 more plan!  lol  Am glad you’ll have r and r time this weekend and some reading time.  I’ve taken up the banner again on sci-fi/fantasy reading and am on my a7th in just the last qtr.  HOWEVER!!!!-the authors created a series…. book 1, 2, 3…and only 1 and 2 in print now and I WANT BOOK 3 ASAP!!!  lol  I think both authors are publishing the 3rd in the series this fall.  *crosses fingers*  🙂   I think I’ve read everything by Mercedes Lackey!  lol


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