yEAH…It is 9:00 and I am home from work after about 13 hours of work.   YEAH!  So now my next two days are easy only 8 hours each and I get to have Friday off of course to run errands, take Tommy to preschool and I have a Dr appointment.  I have tickets to go to a play on Friday night with my mom.  I am hoping she gets in town in time to go.  

Sunday is my oldest’s birthday!   It is so amazing to see him turning 17.   Man did I ever luck out with this kid.   I can’t really complain about him.  I have enjoyed raising him very much.   Actually he and I grew up together….because I was 17 when I had him.  Now to see him turning that same age.  I will have to show some pics later this weekend…..WOW….I can’t believe how the time has flown.    And the luckiest part is my son still tells me he loves me on the phone, before he goes to bed, etc.    He will hug me…….he is a sweet boy.     We are truly blessed to be his parents.  

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