The sleepover boys are still sleeping as is Joshua.  Tommy is just watching TV around them.  The sleepover guys that is. 

Joshua is babysitting for me today.  I am taking my SIL’s on a surprise outing.  I can’t say what it is yet as one of them might read this.   later I will!    I hope they enjoy it!   Then we will go out for appetizers, should be a great afternoon. 

I will put some supper in the crockpot and enjoy the afternoon.  Tonight or tomorrow I have to make out my menu for the next two weeks since yesterday was payday. 

My sinuses are draining and I have a bit of a sore throat.  ARGH.  I was a good girl and took my asthma meds today.  I have been terrible about taking them lately.  I best go shower and get going on my day since my SIL are coming over at 1:00.   Have a great day!  

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