A nice quiet evening at home….or so I hope.  Or course now tonight Joshua is havinga sleepover.  Will this madness ever end???  ARGH….

Now I can tell you about my secret outing with my SIL’s today.  They both arrived here at about 1:00 and at 1:30 we left in my blazer.  Once in the car I gave both of them a small wrapped gift and card.   The card jsut said how much their friendship and support meant to me.   The gift hada gift certificate for the spa.  We all went to the spa for the day.  My one SIL had an one hour massage and really enjoyed that.  My other SIL I had arranged for her to have a foil, haircut and wax.   She never does anything for herself and is always willing to help us with watching Tommy etc.  She has three kids one has epilepsy, one autism and one speech delays.   She has her hands full and really deserved to have someone pamper her for the day!   She looked great!  I hope she likes it. 

Afterwards we went to a restaurant for appetizers.  And Man did we order appetizers.  It took two waiteresses to bring the food to us.  lOL!!! 

That is it for my day mostly.   I have been taking it easy the rest of the evening as my asthma is acting up, probably from all the dust in the basement or the warmer weather.  I have used my nebulizer once already this evening.  

Well I am off to do a few things, like fold a load of laundry then I will head to bed.  I hope I feel up to going to church in the morning.  

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